Crazy train rumbling through Leadville!

Mobs of Melly fanatics have devastated the inventory in our Leadville store. Melanzana has manufactured over 20,000 garments so far this year, and we’ve sold pretty much every one. (The 18,606 in the pic above were the numbers as of July

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The Battle Continues

MGHK screenshot

This screenshot from our new website-in-development clearly illustrates the dirty internal battle we are waging to go live! Still shooting for sometime in May, but there is still a lot of work to be done. Please note that only Micro Grid

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Working on it!

18,000 yards of fabric arrived on a truck the other day…

Dusty polartec shipment March_2018

Dusty was not excited, but us humans definitely are. Too excited to hold the camera steady I guess. We plan to start releasing limited quantities of Micro Grid Hoodies on

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Mail Order Shutdown – and a new future!

We are no longer accepting web or phone orders, until Spring 2018. We are SO sorry to all our far flung fans, particularly those of you who have been watching and waiting patiently for that sweet new Melly.

Unfortunately, something had to give. Exploding demand, and ridiculous 7 month delays at

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Sewers at work.

AUG_2017 slow down

This summer has blown by in a blur of fleece. Every day we hear that someone’s daughter/cousin/raft guide told them they MUST stop by Melanzana next time they are in Leadville. We love seeing your worn out old Mellys,

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Our supplier is in a ditch, no Micro Grid until mid May.

maxresdefaultOur supplier has been consolidating their operations, and recently moved production from Massachusetts to Tennessee. Apparently, they got stuck in a ditch along the way, leading to some major delays . Our next shipment of Micro Grid fabric, which they initially promised a month ago, now looks

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Crunch Time

We’re feeling the love! It’s been a crazy overwhelming year at Melanzana. A BIG THANKS to all of you who support us and buy our locally made products.


_dsc1235-2No, we probably don’t have what you want at this moment, but yes, we are working on it!

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