Smelly Mellys

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“Smelly Melly”s are product available in our Leadville store at a discount. Items run the gamut from pre-owned and vintage Melanzanas, to brand new factory 2nds that didn’t quite meet our quality standards. Availability varies wildly, of course! Priced as marked. No returns on 2nds.

Our Trade-In Program:

You can recycle your old Mellys with us! No appointment needed. Just bring in your freshly-washed used Melanzana garment to be assessed by us. Moderately worn items that we can resell will receive generous in-store credit $. Worn-out or seriously damaged garments may get no $ but we can still take them back for future recycling. In-store credit does not expire, and can be used anytime. Turn a few old Mellys into a brand new one for yourself or someone you love!

Every year 13 million tons of clothing is thrown away in the US. Thrift stores are overrun with clothes, and have to throw out 75% of what they accept. Help reduce our collective impact by trading in the clothes that you no longer use! Keep it out of the landfill, get it out of your closet and into the hands of someone that will wear it regularly, and reduce the demand for brand new Melanzanas. It’s a win/win for everyone, including Mother Earth.