We are selling in-store only, by appointment.

We were straight up mobbed and completely sold-out after we reopened our Leadville store post-covid. The struggle was very real for both our staff and our customers! With appointment-based shopping we are now able to sew and sell at the same rate, giving us a chance to stock up, and providing our lovely customers the chance to shop from a healthy selection of sizes and colors.

**PLEASE READ our Rules and Q&A! Answers are the same here as on the phone, email, DMs, and in-person.


  • You must make your appointment in-person
  • We are currently booking 3 to 5 days out, and have no same day appointments.
  • You are allotted 1 appointment total thru September, and may purchase 2 items total per appointment.
  • Hats and socks are not included in the 2 items.
  • Appointments are available several months out.


  • “I’m traveling through and can’t come to Leadville twice, can you make an exception?”
      • Unfortunately no. Many customers are traveling through. To be fair to everyone, we can’t make any exceptions.
  • “Why aren’t you letting us book online or over the phone?”
      • We would be booked up for the whole summer within a few days, and then our website would crash! In-person booking keeps the focus on the central mountain community and has maximal benefit for Leadville’s downtown, which has always been a core piece of our business philosophy. We are a LOCAL brand.
  • “Why don’t you expand?”
      • We are continually hiring, training and growing! But we committed to doing it in a sustainable and local fashion.
  • “Can I book for someone else?”
      • Sorry, you have to be in-person to make an appointment. However, you can give away your one appointment if you wish. 
  • “Why can’t I buy something if no one is in the store and it’s full of hoodies?”
      • Because this system is based on our numbers. Same number of hoodies sold in a day, as we are able to cut and sew in a day. The back stock is there to make sure we have almost every size and color available for those appointments.
  • “Do you have a wait list for no shows?”
      • Nope, no-shows are rare.
  • “I see that it says “booking 4 days out”, does that mean I can’t book more than 4 days from now?”
      • You can book any time through September. It just means we are fully booked up for the upcoming 4 days. 
  • “If my family is coming with me, can they shop with me?”
      • They can come in with you, but it’s still a max two items per appointment!
  • “What if I need to reschedule?”
      • You can call and do that over the phone. 
  • “Why are you doing this?”
      • It was necessary move to keep our staff safe, and provide customers with a decent shopping experience. Please have empathy and kindness for our retail team as they answer questions and guide customers, and our cutting and sewing teams who work tirelessly to crank out product. Thanks for loving, understanding, and appreciating what we do!