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Web and phone orders are CLOSED until Spring 2018. Visit our Leadville store!
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Mail Order Shutdown - and a new future!

With sincere apologies to everyone craving a new Melly, we have CLOSED web and phone orders until spring. We regret the terrible timing of this move, with the holidays approaching, but something had to give.

You can still buy our fuzzy fleece in Leadville at our store! We will continue to cut and sew like crazy, and build up a sweet stockpile of hoodies for everyone who makes the journey. We are engineering a triumphant return to online sales later in 2018 with a brand new format. Don't despair, far flung internet shoppers!

What led us to make this drastic move? First: Unpredictable skyrocketing demand from across the country that simply outpaces our ability to grow our manufacturing. Second: Soul crushing 6-month delays at Polartec, our high-end fabric supplier, as they moved their factory from Massachusetts to Tennessee. Combine these factors, and you get constant out-of-stocks, low (or no) inventory, and a shopping experience that has been unfulfilling, to say the least. We desperately want to stop disappointing people, so we are taking some time to refocus on our core business by building up inventory in our brick-and-mortar store in Leadville.

In the past few years we have doubled our production to 2800 garments a month, but it's still not enough. To take us boldly into the future, we are in the midst of a major 2000 square foot expansion project. More space, more sewing machines, more awesome employees, more cozy hoodies.

We will continue to honor our values, and to exist as something rare: a TRUE local apparel company.

Thanks so much for your support and understanding!

Fritz Howard

To be notified when we are back online in 2018, submit your email HERE. Otherwise, take a road trip and visit us in lovely Leadville.

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